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What is HRO?

High Reliability Organizing (HRO) developed as a means to make an organization or unit stronger. In its natural state we historically found it in environments of danger or uncertainty such as military combat, firefighting, or business activities. While proactive components (plans and anticipation) and reactive components (after action reviews) are necessary parts of HRO, High Reliability itself derives from the ability of the organization and individuals to interact in real time with uncertainty or threat from the external environment.

HRO describes on the organizational level the structure necessary for High Reliability, on the social level the collaboration found in response to threat, and on the individual level the satisfaction of problem solving while modulating threat responses. These three levels facilitate the free flow of information and the migration of action for a quick response to, and interaction with, surprise or accelerating events. The High Reliability Organization emerges from the interactions between people responsive to the environment in an organization that allows this.

About US


Bringing the methods of High Reliability Organizing to people and organizations to improve their performance and make them stronger.


The purpose for the Institute for High Reliability Organizing is to increase the number of High Reliability Organizing leaders and advocates by providing them and their organizations with HRO education, methodologies and tools through the following activities, which include but are not limited to, mentorship, meetings, coursework, certification and accreditation, in order to guide them to successful HRO.

Mission Statement:

The Institute for High Reliability Organizing is the leading educational organization for teaching how to create High Reliability Organizing in all industries. The Institute works to help organizations to become stronger and highly reliable by educating them to engage uncertainty, ambiguity, and threat with perseverance, empathy and dignity to others, honesty, and the duty. The Institute work with universities, organizations and international HRO academies to set up coursework, training programs, and conferences (both national and international) to provide that training on an ongoing basis.


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